About Home Theater Decor

You’ve seen the pictures of them. Those lavishly appointed home theater rooms that resemble miniature Hollywood movie palaces. These art deco home theater environments, appointed with thick velvet seats, delicate sconce lighting and intricate period detailing are designed to immerse the audience in an ambience of delightful opulence. But are we describing home theaters of the rich and famous here? Not at all. The architectural components that go into these period rooms are now going mainstream, and CinemaSource has a wide variety of products for the do-it-yourselfer.

Art Deco Moldings and Trim

In the Twenties and Thirties, most of the elaborate deco moldings, trim and columns were made of wood and plaster, and much of it was actually cast and created by skilled tradespeople on-site. Today, thankfully, these moldings and trims are available in fiberglass, and composite materials, and are easily installed and painted by virtually any tradesperson or do-it-yourselfer. There is a tremendous variety of these items available but they are often special-ordered so it is best to contact us directly for pricing and availability.

Concession Accessories

We would be remiss if we didn't talk about the different concession items that you can buy for your home theater. The first item that guarantees and instant association with "going out to the movies" is a popcorn machine. These are available from a number of suppliers. We offer several commercial models manufactured of extruded aluminum with tempered glass and a large yellow, white and red sign "popcorn" signs. You can also buy the popcorn and those classic red and white popcorn boxes from them. Another nice touch is to build a miniature version of a concession counter and either make it functional with a wet bar and refrigerator, or built it just for aesthetics. TCall us for details on these.

Room Lighting

Period home theater rooms usually create a mood with specially designed lighting fixtures. These units are widely available and most are reasonable priced. You can probably find a wide variety of lighting fixtures at your local hardware store, lumber store or electrical supply house. For speciality lighting fixtures, CinemaSource offers several through Home Cinema Accessories.

Screen Curtains

Professional theaters often have motorized curtains that open horizontally when the show is about to begin and you can do the same in your home theater. The curtains themselves are available from a wide variety of sources but the actual opening and closing mechanism is not something you will likely find locally. Call us if you are interested in these.

Twinkling Ceilings

Say that again? Twinkling ceilings? Yes, with Acoustic Innovations Fiber Optic Ceilings™ you can make the entire ceiling in your home theater room twinkle like a brilliant starfield. The way it works is that special illuminators are connected via fiber optic cables to AI’s StarField and StarLight ceiling surface tiles. The illuminators have either 75W or 150 halogen bulbs with “twinkle” or color wheels rotating to generate the celestial effect. We have seen these and they are quite impressive. Expect the materials for a full fiber optic ceiling to cost $1000 and up.

Movie Posters and Lobby Cards

For the feeling of authenticity in a home theater, few things are better than movie posters. The most common size for movie posters is called a “one-sheet” and measures 27” x 41”. You may also find posters in other sizes also, such as, half sheets at 14” x 26”, or 22” x 28”, and lobby cards at 11” x 14”. There are many places to buy reproduction movie posters. Any graphic arts house or framing store will be able to direct you to reams of catalogs that resell them as art prints. Once you’ve settled into the original classic movie poster or reproduction print that you want to buy, you have another choice to consider; how to display the piece. Again, a graphic supply house or framing store will have many options for you but some of the home theater architectural suppliers have some really attractive ones. Home Theater Accessories offers an extensive line of poster marquee cases. These are the cases that you commonly see at the local theaters. These are available in standard wood or aluminum frames but also in jazzy cases with art deco styling, or neon surround lights, or even miniature chaselites surrounding the print. Expect to pay from $450 to $1200 for the more elaborate illuminated marquee cases.


Real theaters are littered with signs. There are entrance and exit signs, signs announcing the movie and show times, "chaselight" marquees, concession signs, even signs announcing the sound technology ("This Theater Equipped With Dolby Digital"). If getting some of these in your home theater sounds appealing, you're in luck. Check out our Home Theater Accessories section. It displays dozens of options. They even allow you to buy those back-lit mylar signs, the signs where the movie artwork is on a transparent mylar sheet and the light shines through from the back and illuminates the entire graphic. Another option Home Theater Accessories offers is to have your sign customized to include your name, "Welcome To The Smith Family Home Theater... Now Equipped With LucasFilm THX Sound"!