High Performance Data/Video Projector
with 8 inch tubes.

New Retail: $20,950

Used with Rebuilt Tubes
: $4495 each

The Barco 808 was designed with outstanding video imaging performance in mind. Capable of handling PC and video scaled resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 it provides outstanding image quality even on very large screens. Smaller screens found in home theater will benefit from the extremely tight beam spot and projection flexability of the 8" CRT's. The 808 features 8" Hi-definition CRT's, electromagnetic focus system, hi-definition F1.06 hybred lenses, horizontal scan frequency up to 75Khz, vertical refresh up to 200hz, High 75Mhz RGB bandwidth, a full compliment of video, S-video, component and RGB inputs, 1250 lumen light output at 10% peak white, image range from 4.5 feet up to 20', automatic sync and polarity detection for RGB and component inputs, and 32 on-board memories for aspect ratio and picture preferences. The 808 can be ceiling or floor mounted for a wide range of applications. These units are ideal for a hi-end home theater setup as they will do all HDTV formats and line doubling, quadrupling as well as many scaled resolutions from PC's.